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Wow. Great job reddit! You used to be a platform of free speech, freedom, and great discussion! Now, when I try to abide my reddit rules with r/Hoppeanism, it still gets banned. Which is why, I’m going to voat.


Fuck you reddit, and your pretentious abiding to “free speech”.

The Jewish Origins of (((NatSoc)))

In this post I hope to establish that national socialism, is really just corporatism and the “Applied socialism” of Lenin.



Ordered Anarchy
Stateless Social order
Propertarianist anarchism
Anarcho Capitalism
Private Property Anarchy
Hoppean Definition of a conservative: recognition of the ancient foundation of family, kin, race, etc.

from u/TheMythof_Feminism:

“He’s not exactly wrong, I mean yeah that statement is horribly presented and exaggerated but it’s not entirely incorrect……… socialism began to flourish as an ideology due to the writings of Karl Marx, a jew.”

“From there, his spiritual successor (so to speak) was a man called Leon Trotsky who was the real power behind the Bolshevik uprising and a man that wrote a lot about “the revolution” , Trotsky also expanded upon Marx’s ideas and was the most faithful to them while completing what Marx left unfinished (a lot of things). This is in contrast to the other socialists like Lenin, Stalin and Mao.”

“Oh yeah, Leon Trotsky wasn’t his real name, his real name was Lev Bronstein , he was a jew…….. and Adolf Hitler knew about both Marx and Trotsky, but more importantly, he knew about Lenin creating applied socialism which was what he picked up on.”

“The third position was applied to Germany through the creation of national socialism, allegedly taking the best elements from both the left and the right to make something greater.”

“The point is, there is a logical progression there and it did indeed start with a jew.”

From u/send_nasty_stuff:

“Karl Marx works did indirectly influence national socialism because national socialism was Germany’s answer to the crushing dominance of international capitalism (remember that the german communist party actually rolled into the NSDAP as Hitler rose to power). All german political philosophers and politicians at the time read Marx’s work and were influenced by his critiques of capitalism, but OP is obviously exaggerating to make a point and try to discredit third positionism.”

“I’ve been following op’s posts pretty closely the last few days and he really likes bending the truth and exaggerating to make his points.”

“Even though it is critical of national socialist this video is great for an introduction to the national socialism and socialism relationship.”

Now, he had some critiques of my posts, which I fully embrace, and Hopefully make them better.

Now, you see right? National socialism is really just Pseudo-Marxism.

We live under the national socialism right now. We live under corporatism right now, in which the corporations are state mandated monopolies, and the state control them through regulations. The Banks are all state controlled. Money and banking is a jewish stronghold, and they control all central banking systems, along with the federal reserve. They are main majorities on MSM.



Here I hope to establish the amount of government intervention in all of the economy.

The Rothschild-controlled CIA controls all Media outlets

How the CIA created GOOGLE

The Rothschilds and Rockefellers control America. Some call it the cowboy vs Yankee theory of American history. They control it through the Federal Reserve anti-free banking central debt creation and credit expansion.

For a history of the Rothschilds, they came into power by storing the monarchs money, and lending it for interest. They are the prime example of statist bankers.

Now, I would like to say, America right now, by definition, is a fascist oligarchy, i.e. National Socialist Oligarchy that is controlled and maintained by the Jews.

National socialism is literally just national socialism. It is socialism for a nation of peoples(in this case white nationalist socialism). Explained in my other posts here, this is Jewish in origin, and Jewish in practice. Even in the age of monarchy, the Rothschilds managed to control all of Europe. They triggered the French Revolution and took down the French monarch government, in place of the jewish theory of social democracy(or a republic), here.

For an all out analysis of the Jewish Origins of Communism/National Socialism, radical capitalist has a great article Titled “The Jewish Origins of Communism”.

Now, how is capitalism not “jewish”?

Here, capitalism is laid out thus:

absolute Private property rights in self(self ownership), and in physical objects other than humans(would be self contradictory otherwise).

Now, capitalism is a jewish word invented by Karl Marx to discredit capitalism, so I will use Propertarianism instead. Propertarianist anarchism is the full implementation of private property.

Private property was created when the first humans popped up. When ever you originally appropriate a physical good, you are creating private property. Simple as that. You might be forced to give it up by your tribe, but it was private property created by the homesteader(you in this case).

In feudalist Europe, before the absolute monarchies, Jews were heavily segregated in white European communities. Feudalism is a prime example of a stateless social order. Hans-Hermann Hoppe has a great video here, and Keir Martland also here.

Whew. Hopefully that clears stuff up. Stateless social order is what Propertarian anarchists / ancaps want. In a higher order economy, it would result in the pure economy form. Feudalism is just an extrapolation of tribes and families/authorities linked together with the Church). This all occurred a 1,000 years after the Fall of the Roman Empire(which collapsed due to socialist and government spending policies).

White socialism will only create more degeneracy. This is because of this:

There are few types of identity.

1) Race + Ethnicity.

2) Weak vs Strong(in society)

3) Intelligence vs Retard vs mild intelligence.

4) Age.

Capitalism strengthens everyone, and the weak die off. It allows for the natural order, i.e. homogenous societies with property protections. It allows for smart people to get hired, and money and profit motivates people to finish projects, and research. Pure Capitalism also allows the precious unit of the family to be ultra strengthened, and since there is no state, there is no welfare i.e. social security, and reproduction of children will boom. Children are in a sense, nature’s social security. The artificial non-natural welfare state disrupts the family by encouraging:

  1. out of wedlock births, no dads, decreasing stability of society.
  2. Abortions. Since children are replaced by Social Security and Medicare(all forms of welfare), this disincentives having children.
  3. Low time preferences and degeneracy. Even in a family centered welfare state, the welfare state would disincentives the dad to work, the mom to care for the children, etc.

Pure capitalism is thus, the only thing compatible with family, race, nation, age, and intelligence.

The weak either voluntarily become non-weak, or die off, and the strong form voluntary pacts and nations.

Capitalism is defined as such:

Non aggression principle applied to people(their bodies) and their things(private property).

Right wing pure capitalism is thus the only way forward. For more, go to r/Hoppeanism wiki page.

White socialism will simply destroy and infantilize the white race. That’s all.

edit: Capitalism is not “jewish”. Private property has been around since the early stages of mankind in hunter and gatherer stages. Private property is a norm that even infants and babies can understand. private property is an ancient and natural norm concerning the disputes between two entities. Original appropriation creates private property, and thus, private property always comes before the formation of an involuntary State.

capitalism lowers time preferences, socialism raises time preferences. nationalist capitalism lets degenerate and weak whites to be parasites, white socialism allows parasites to thrive. nationalist capitalism allows for the best people to rise up, the jews to be subdued, while white socialism relies on jewish central banking and debt collection. nationalist capitalism allows for the foundational unit of the family to have authority again, and for it to prosper, while white socialism degenerates the white family and causes social disintegration(as explained here)

white nationalist capitalism is thus superior to white degenerate national socialism

there are also economic arguments as well. But I will get into them in a later post. for more information on nationalist capitalism, go to r/Hoppeanism.

National socialism and the Nazis were jewish creations, and promote degeneracy.

And as a reminder:


By HoppeanAncap



Absolutely terrible article by 71 Republic

I recently saw this article by 71 republic here, about how “ultra conservatism” is un-libertarian. Well that is categorically false. Social conservatism, defined by Hoppe, as personal responsibility, low time preferences, family authority, and un-hedonistic parasitcal behavior is the only socio-compatibile factor with anarcho-capitalism, i.e., the natural order. The worst part of the discombobulated article is this part:

“The mind of a human is one’s greatest ally but can also serve as the silent, unknown enemy. We think with our mind, and our decisions arise from there. Ultra-conservative “libertarians”, whether knowingly or not, want to control the minds of others. This form of tyranny is worse than both the state and the corporations combined, as they wish to change the course of an individual’s life that was already chosen by themselves. “


What in the world do you even mean? The state attempts to change our minds to leftist hedonist crap all the time, with their big government subsidies to public education, etc! Corporations attempt to do so, and even more so when they are under the state’s influence. See the CIA controlling Corporations here.


Another part I thought was absolute garbage was here:


“By influencing the morality and attempting to control the actions of a conscious, is one not engaging in tyranny?”


Um, I’m sorry to inform you, but that is not a definition of tyranny. That might be a left-libertarian definition of tyranny, but from the NAP, private property ethic, tyranny is when some body X coerces you into doing something, with you property and your body. Property owners are free to coerce on their own property.


The writer of the article, “James Sweet III”, seems to misunderstand libertarianism. He says:

“There is much more to libertarian socialism than what I just described, and I will admit that I have not read libertarian socialist literature. Yet, from what Noam Chomsky has said, it is rational to infer that the difference between a libertarian socialist and a right-wing libertarian is the enemy they see in society. A right-wing libertarian sees the state as the most corrupt institution that exists and should be restrained as much as possible in an attempt to minimize its influence in the lives of the individual. A libertarian socialist might agree with this but believes the state is not alone in its faults. A libertarian socialist, for the reason stated previously, believes that the 21st-century corporation is at fault for many problems as well and that they should not be spared from criticism. Yet, both libertarian socialists and right-wing libertarians want to reduce the power of the state, and they split when it comes to what they do once the state is reduced or abolished. Do they rely on corporations, or do they rely on voluntary, communal sharing of goods under a free and equal market that is unobstructed by the corruption of suits and ties?”

The fundamental difference between libertarians and non-libertarians(socialists anarcho-commies), is that libertarians recognize the Non-agression principle of people’s bodies and private properties. Anarcho-Communists belive in the supposed “voluntary” communism. Literally.  They don’t believe in self-ownership or private property rights. They are not libertarian. They should be expelled out of civilization and out of the Libertarian Party. Simple.

Just because libertarians share some beliefs with anarchists, i.e., foreign policy, etc, that doesn’t mean libertarians = leftists, commies, animals. 


By Hoppean Ancap

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u/Anenome5’s Monopoly and Power over the Ancap subs and also over reddit admin

So recently, my account u/Public_Delivery was banned along with many other pro-Hoppean accounts called u/HoppeanCrypto, u/HoppeanAncap, and u/LateTransportation7. u/Public_Delivery was my only account, and so is u/InsuranceDefenseCor0.

Premises: When I refer to Anemone, I refer to his two accounts u/Anen-o-me and u/Anenome5. I know this for absolute certainty, because he tells us here:


Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 9.56.15 PM.png

I may or may not be able to provide links for all of my screenshots, but hopefully the massive screenshot archive will suffice. I will prove to you ancaps that Anenome controls every anarcho-capitalist sub on reddit. I will also prove to you that Anenome controls more than 100 alt accounts, including u/Z3F, u/BastiatFan, u/955bsp, u/Bastiatinator, u/ConsistentParadox, and many more.


So let me detail this. u/Hoppeanancap posted this on reddit.



Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 9.41.46 PM.png



Then it got swiftly removed, by I suspiciously reckon that u/Z3F is u/Anenome5. Now this was sort of implied after it got removed by the mods(I’m presuming u/Z3F, as u/Mokky is pretty chill).  So then, apparently u/Hoppeanancap wrote this.



Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 9.44.11 PM.png

And then, remember, this sub is small, at only 291 readers. So u/Z3F would’ve been probably the only ones to see this.

Then this appears.




Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 9.45.57 PM.png



So apparently, u/Anenome5 is u/Z3F and u/formerlyflintlox.

Now, I don’t know exactly if u/Anemone5 is joking or not, but this guy has been on reddit for 8 years. His other openly admitted account, u/Anen-o-me has 160k plus karma and 104 subreddits, and most of them prominent ancap subs.



Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 9.48.04 PM.png




u/Anenome5 mods 322 subreddits, most of ancap, and including r/GoldandBlack, r/Anarcho-Capitalism, and r/Libertarian(through u/Z3F).





Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 9.48.26 PM.png




So now that is out of the way, we can see, how many alt-accounts does u/Anenome5 have?

So we know he is a prolific subreddit creator, is he a prolific account creator too? I think that he is. There can be no doubt about it. I have encountered many posts in which it is implied.




And then, comes the ban.



Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 10.47.39 PM.png

u/Anemone5 states this:



Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 3.37.20 PM.png


And then, Immediately this:




Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 10.52.26 PM.png



Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 3.36.43 PM.png

Now this begs the question.


u/Anenome5. Are you a reddit admin?


edit: The guy is a hardcore aryan lover too, look at this


Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 3.23.19 PM.png




Hoppe’s Argumentation Ethics

Here is the original paper:
Here is a guide:
Here is Stephen Kinsella refuting criticisms
Here is a video of Hans Hoppe speaking at Property and Freedom Society (PFS) about the “Ethics of Argumentation”

The Journey Begins!

Thanks for joining me! In this Blog I will attempt to refute, destabilize, and destroy the childish and hedonistic Left-Libertarian Movement.

This blog affirms that the Misesian-Rothbardian-Blockian-Hoppean position in economics and political philosophy is correct and the “one true faith”, as Walter Block likes to say.

This blog’s point of view will be from a pure Misesian-Rothbardian Austrian economics.

This blog’s political philosophy will be of anarcho-capitalism, namely, deonotological ethics. Murray N. Rothbard founded the anarcho-capitalist and libertarian movements.

David Friedman’s utilitarianism offers good supplementations to natural rights theory, but it by itself is lacking in justice, principles, and rights.

Hope you guys enjoy the posts here! Feel free to message me to post!

It is no crime to be ignorant of economics, which is, after all, a specialized discipline and one that most people consider to be a ‘dismal science.’ But it is totally irresponsible to have a loud and vociferous opinion on economic subjects while remaining in this state of ignorance. — Murray N. Rothbard